Gibson Les Paul 1959 Reissue Custom Shop R9 2020 – Iced Tea Burst


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Here’s a very nice 2020 R9 that we just got in.

7.85 Pounds! Not a typo!

Very light and resonant, plays very easy.

Comes with OHSC

Condition: Very Good

“Very Good describes items with more cosmetic imperfections than Excellent, but are still in great condition overall. There may be some scratches, finish dings or buckle rash, but nothing that affects the playability or function of the gear.” -Reverb

The guitar is in very good condition. Starting at the headstock, there are a few finish chips along the side of the headstock veneer. There are dings on either corner of the headstock, and across the top of the mustache-shape. There is finish swirling on the front and back of the headstock, along with a pin-head sized ding where the headstock meets the neck. The back of the neck shows light worming and finish swirling. The frets and fretboard are in excellent condition. The top of the guitar has light finish swirling, and one or two dings (not through the finish) where the strumming arm would rest. The hardware shows light patina. There are various dings and worming on the sides of the guitar, mainly around the jack plate. The jack plate is weathered and cracked. The back of the guitar shows light worming and finish swirling.