1956 Left handed Les Paul Conversion


WEIGHT: 8 lbs.  12 oz.

Here is a great LEFT HANDED 1956 Gibson Les Paul converted to 1959 Specs. Started off life as a LEFT HANDED 1956 Gibson Les Paul JR.There are only 4 original Left Handed Burst’s in existence. As far as we know this is the only Left-handed conversion in existence. Guitar came in to us refinished, converted to stop tail and bridge set-up. No original parts. We decided to do a conversion for the left handed players out there. Since there are only 4 original Burst’s in existence the chances of getting one are next to impossible. This is as close as you will get to a vintage lefty burst and at a fraction of the cost. Weighs in at 8.12 Lbs. Has set of Late 60’s T-Top pickups. Vintage Bumblebee caps with new CTS harness, A NOS finish but can relic to your desired look. I have been doing these conversions for some time now and have diligently worked on getting the routes as correct as possible for a 50’s Les Paul Standard. I seek out nice aged Figured Eastern Maple which is also correct for Gibson products from this era. Frets are medium Jumbo. Original Brazilian Board converted to Standard Inlays which are also made from correct 50’s Inlay material. Has nice 1959 size neck. Bone Nut. Royalite binding. Late 60’s Kluson Tuners. Reissue Aged Parts. Vintage Original Tail Piece Bushing inserts. The reason for all the work is to be able to offer a Great Vintage Les Paul that is as close to the iconic 58-60 Les Paul Standard (Burst) which are EXTREMELY RARE and Valuable as most of us know. Nothing like the personality of an old vintage guitar!!!It is next to impossible to get this tonal quality from a New Guitar.

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