Dana Bourgeois, with his extensive experience of over four decades, has established himself as a prominent figure in the guitar-building industry. Renowned worldwide for his exceptional craftsmanship, he is highly regarded as an authority on the art of voicing, selecting, and utilizing exquisite acoustic tonewoods.

The reputation of Dana as a master luthier has attracted individuals from various corners of the globe to our workshop, seeking the opportunity to collaborate with us. Our team of skilled artisans, who share a close bond, takes immense pride in their work and strives diligently to construct the finest guitars available in the market today.

At Bourgeois Guitars, our unwavering commitment lies in providing artists and musicians with instruments that possess a pure and well-balanced tonal range. With an extensive array of top-notch tonewoods to choose from, along with a multitude of options for custom appointments and features, our craftsmen take great pride in their ability to create instruments that possess unparalleled aesthetic and tonal qualities.

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