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In his teen years, Two Old Hippies founder Tom Bedell started his first guitar business, importing instruments from the Pacific Rim, branding them under his own name and selling them throughout the Midwest to aspiring players. Many years later, after he retired from the family fishing supply business, Bedell realized his greatest desire was to return to the wonderful world of guitars.

When he purchased Breedlove Guitars in late 2010, he immediately set to revamping the workplace, making it safe, productive and friendly to all employees. He also saw an opportunity. While switching Breedlove wood sourcing to responsible, sustainable and certified partners, and while developing Sound Optimization to make the very best use of those precious resources, Bedell grasped that he could now make his youthful dream an even more amazing reality.

He re-launched Bedell Guitars, this time as a stateside boutique, hand-made brand based on the great guitars he remembered from his time as a burgeoning folkie in Spirit Lake, Iowa. Now, in addition to a beautiful, varied line of ultra high quality production instruments, Bedell players can also make their own dreams happen via the Bedell Custom Shop.