Bourgeois guitars are warranted against defective materials and workmanship, to the original owner only, provided the original owner meets all conditions expressed herein.

Bourgeois Guitars assumes liability only for repair of the guitar or parts thereof. Warranty repair is defined as restoration to a condition in which a guitar functions to original standards, and does not include coverage or compensation for incidental or consequential damages.

Normal wear and tear, accidental damage, and abusive treatment, are not covered under the terms of this Warranty. Guitar parts such as frets, strings, nut, saddle, bridge pins, tuning machines, pickups, and finish, can wear out under normal use, and such use is considered normal wear and tear. Bellying or distortion of the top is also a normal occurrence, and is in itself also not covered under this warranty. Finish checks may result from exposure to temperature extremes, and are considered to be the result of accidental damage or abusive treatment.

Other examples of accidental damage and abusive treatment are: damage caused by strings heavier than MEDIUM gauge strings; finish damage caused by close proximity to plastics, leather dyes and other caustic materials; damage caused by exposure to extremes of temperature and humidity or impact; and other possible accidental damages.

All warranty coverage, expressed or implied, expires upon transfer of ownership from the owner indicated on the Warranty Registration Form. The original owner agrees that return of the attached Warranty Registration Form constitutes acceptance of all of the conditions of this contract. Under no circumstances will warranty repair be undertaken before the Warranty Registration Form is returned, along with proof of purchase. The Warranty Registration form must be returned within 60 days of purchase. Some states have warranty laws that may grant rights to consumers additional to those expressed by Bourgeois Guitars.

Damage to a guitar resulting from a delay in presenting a warranty claim will be considered to be the result of abusive treatment. Damage caused by improper repair or incompetent repair persons is also considered abusive treatment, and will result in the termination of warranty coverage of the area or areas of the guitar which have been improperly repaired. (Areas not affected by improper repair, however, will continue to be protected under this Warranty.) Incidences of defective workmanship and materials, normal wear and tear, accidental damage, and abusive treatment will be determined at the sole discretion of Bourgeois Guitars.

Please promptly contact Bourgeois Guitars with a complete description of any warranty-related problem. Should your guitar require warranty repair, corrective work may be performed by a participating Warranty Repair Station, a competent repairman selected by Bourgeois Guitars, or by Bourgeois Guitars. Selection of repair facility will be by the sole discretion of Bourgeois Guitars. Defects covered under this warranty will be corrected without charge to the original owner provided that Bourgeois Guitars has done the repair in house or approved charges by outside repair facility. All shipping and insurance expenses will be borne by the original owner. Return approvals must be obtained in advance of shipping guitars to Bourgeois Guitars.

Please address all claims to:
Email: [email protected] (being a small shop, we have no formal repair department thus our repairman also is in production. By emailing him you will obtain the fastest response).

Mail / Shipping:
Bourgeois Guitars
41 Canal Street
Lewiston, Maine