Trace Elliot TA100R


  • Used
  • Trace Elliot
  • Acoustic Amp
  • 100W RMS
  • 4×5
  • 2-Channels
  • Reverb


Piezo/Lo-Level: Impedence 10Meg Ohms/Sensitivity 100mV to 8V peak to peak

Active/Hi-Level: Impedence 68k Ohms/Sensitivity 100mV to 20V peak to peak

Low Z Balanced: Impedence 470 Ohms/Gain Range +15dB to +60dB

Effects Return: Impedence 22k Ohms/Nominal Level 0dBv

Link/Line In: Impedence 47k Ohms/Nominal Level 0dBv



Effects Send: Impedence 47k Ohms/Nominal level 0dBv

Balanced DIs: Impedence 600 Ohms/Level 500mV peak to peak

Link/Line Out: Impedence 47k Ohms/Nominal Level 0dBv


Master: +/-15dB at 5 center frequencies

Shape: +6dB at 160Hz, -6dB at 900Hz, +10dB at 6kHz

Notch: Q=10, range 60 to 720Hz

Phantom Power

Digital Effects: 16 bit, four room, four hall, four plate and four delay presets

Footswitchable on/off

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