1957-1959 Gibson Les Paul Conversion – Sunburst


Very Good Condition

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  • Guitar is derived from a 1957 Gibson Les Paul Junior
  • The original serial # was missing, and new serial # 7-7757 was created for the conversion
  • Neck is original to the guitar, and has not been altered
  • Guitar weights 9 lbs 5 oz
  • Headstock has new holly veneer
  • Gibson logo was supplied by Crazy Parts from Germany, the Les Paul logo was silkscreened on the headstock at Lay’s, using Gibson mixed gold paint
  • Guitar is fitted with a complete set of circa 1960 Grover Tuners
  • Bone nut was cut and installed on the guitar
  • Guitar retains it original, Brazilian Rosewood fretboard, in excellent condition
  • Jes-car medium frets were inserted
  • FIngerboard inlays are from historic makeovers in Florida
  • Guitar has Royalite binding throughout the guitar
  • Truss rod cover and screws are period authentic
  • Original truss rod is in place, and functions correctly
  • Guitar has real tortoise shell side dots on the neck
  • Switch, switch tip deep nut are all period parts
  • Strap buttons are period correct
  • Pickup rings are from Montreux, heavy aged. The covers are nickel, vintage, but not period. The pickup ring screws are “burst era”
  • Neck pickup is an early patent #, output is 7.53 ohms, the bridge pickup in an original PAF double black, output is 8.02 ohms
  • Pickguard is re-cut to early 50’s guard with the original bracket and screws
  • ABR-1 bridge and stop tail piece are both period, as are the tailpiece studs and anchors. Thumb wheels appear to be authentic
  • Guitar has authentic burst era knobs. The knob pointers and washers are original 1950’s parts
  • Jack plate, nut and washer are period
  • Cavity covers were created by Lay’s
  • Wiring harness is complete, authentic, and all parts are from the same guitar, circa 1959
  • All screws are correct 1950’s era
  • Top sourced from a luthier in Western Pennsylvania using correct species Eastern Maple. The top is very active with an asymmetrical flame pattern
  • Vintage correct lacquer and vintage dyes were applied by Lays
  • Guitar has all hyde glue construction
  • Vintage 1950’s .022 caps were used
  • Weather checking and relic’ing cover the entire guitar
  • Guitar comes with new, aged, Lifton 5 latch, cali-girl case