1957-1959 Gibson Les Paul Conversion – Dirty Lemon Burst


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  • This conversion is based on a 1957 Les Paul Special. The original serial # was missing, and the new serial # (8-2016) was created for the guitar
  • The neck is original to the guitar, and has not been altered
  • The neck shape is more closer to ’59 profile neck
  • Guitar weight is 8 lbs 8 1/2 oz
  • Guitar has been completely refinished, it came to Lay’s totally stripped, Royalite binding and hyde glue construction were used throughout
  • Guitar is fitted with a set of aged, Kluson single line, single ring tuners
  • Holly veneer on headstock is original, as is the Gibson logo
  • Headstock finish is original
  • In the Les Paul script, the word “Special” was replaced with “Model”
  • Truss rod cover and screws are period correct, the original truss rod is in place and functions as it should
  • Bone nut was cut and fitted to the guitar
  • Original, Brazilian Rosewood fretboard
  • FIngerboard inlays are new, aged by Dan Shinn
  • Jes-Car medium frets were inserted into the original neck
  • Poker chip is reproduction, the deep nut and the switch tip are period correct, and the switch may be as well
  • ABR-1 bridge from the 1950’s, thin wheels and posts are recent
  • Wrap tail-piece, with original studs and bushings was used on this guitar and are original period parts
  • Real, PAF pickup in the neck position and an early Patent # pickup in the bridge. Pickup covers are vintage but their age is uncertain. Pickup rings are reproductions sourced from Dead Mint Club, the rings screws are period correct
  • Pickguard is from 1953, and was recut to 1959 specs by Canadian luthier, Tom Barlett. It was then tweaked by Dan Shinn to fit this guitar. The bracket and screws are original to the guard
  • Knobs are period correct, as well as thumb cutters and nuts
  • Cavity covers are new, cut by Lays. Back screws and strap buttons are original
  • Vintage Luxe .022 caps
  • Jackplate is reproduction, screws, nut, and washer are vintage
  • Wiring harness is from Martin 6 String Customs, who is no longer in business
  • Guitar top was sourced from a luthier in Western Michigan, using correct species Eastern Maple. The top is very active, with a beautiful, symmetric, overall flame pattern. Guitar is finished in lemon burst, using vintage correct lacquer and dyes
  • Guitar has overall light weather checking and relic’ing
  • Comes with a new, aged, Lifton 5 latch, cali-girl guitar case