Gibson Les Paul Standard Jimmy Page No1 Burst Conversion


WEIGHT: 9 lb  5oz

Here we have an AWESOME GUITAR!!!
Gibson Les Paul Standard Conversion that is done to look like Jimmy Page’s No 1.
Started off life as a 1957 Les Paul Junior.
Neck had been previously sanded thinner than stock 1960 so it became a perfect candidate for a Page like Guitar.
Our Shop shaved Jimmy’s Original Les Paul Neck in the late 60’s when it was owned by Joe Walsh.
Interesting thing is after I started to color it, I noticed the Flame on the piece of Eastern Flame Maple matches the Flame on the original No 1 almost exact.
This made it to where doing the full Page No 1 was a must!!!
What makes this guitar a cut above other replica/reproduction Page Guitars is it IS A VINTAGE LES PAUL!!!!
Talk about MOJO!!!!
We decided to load it with many vintage parts as well.
Pickups are 1963 Patent # PAF pickups from SG Les Paul
Neck pickups is virgin, cover never removed.
Bridge pickup which Ohms out in the Mid 8’s, has the original cover but was removed at some point. I added an extra lead to do the in/out of phase and left the cover off like No 1. Guitar will come with the cover.
Guitar has 1950’s ABR-1 with 60’s Saddles.
Vintage Stop Tail.
Vintage Grovers with Gold worn off.
Vintage 50’s Switch Tip.
Vintage 50’s Bumble Bee Caps.
Vintage Strap Buttons.
Original Brazilian Fingerboard that came with the guitar.
Put Medium Jumbo frets on and correct 50’s Inlays.
Most plastic parts are from Cream Tone who does a great job on the reproduction parts.
Royalite Binding which is what Gibson used in the 50’s.
I installed a Bone Nut for tonal reasons.
This beauty weighs in at 9.4 Lbs.
Original 1957 Serial Number is penciled in the control cavity.
We have a video of the guitar on our Lay’s Guitar Shop Facebook page if you want to hear what great tonal response this guitar has.
This guitar will be as close to Jimmy’s as you are going to get !!!
I acquired an Anvil Case and Stenciled it like Jimmy’s Case.
I even had my Decal guy make the British Airways Fragile Sticker for extra authenticity.
Please if you have any questions feel free to ask or get a hold of us here at Lay’s Guitar Shop

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