2016 Gibson True Historic 1960 Les Paul Reissue R0 in Lemon Burst


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The True Historic Series from Gibson Custom feature replica-level detail, from plastics recreated based on lab analysis of original 50’s parts, to double-carved top and neck profiles and thin, hand-sanded finishes, they are the most complete, accurate and refined recreations of the guitars that form the mid-century legend of Gibson’s solid body range. The True Historic 1960 Les Paul Standard is our most refined, replica level Reissue of the ‘Burst that followed on the heels of the 1959’s less than impressive sales figures. In an effort to meet the trends of the day, Gibson transitioned the neck profile of the 1960 model year Les Paul Standard to a thinner, “faster” profile. It took the entire model year to come to fruition with early 1960’s versions built with the same neck as the ’59, then a slightly thinner version, known now as a “V2” by mid-year, until finally a very thin “V3” was in stores by the latter part of 1960. Today’s Reissue is closest to the “V2” profile, a feature vintage collector’s and enthusiasts consider the most desirable.

For more information and specs go to http://legacy.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/2016/Custom/True-Historic-1960-Les-Paul-1.aspx

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